How do the floating flower buds (Bloatty Floatty) work in Genshin Impact?

If there’s anything that baffles many new Travelers, it’s the Bloatty Floatties—or the floating balloon-like flowers that mainly appear around Liyue. The green plants come with three buds that grow in size and float away from their stems whenever players interact with them. Don’t ignore the floating buds because they can reward you with coveted […]

How to solve the Electro Seelie Stormstone puzzle in Shirikoro Peak | Genshin Impact

As Stormstones are unique to Tsurumi Island, there aren’t many puzzles involving them across Teyvat. But in Shirikoro Peak, you’ll encounter an Electro Seelie Stormstone puzzle that’s pretty easy to solve—as long as you keep your eyes peeled. Start by heading to the puzzle’s location. It’s marked up on the map below. If you haven’t […]

How to trigger and complete the Friend to Animals Random Event in Genshin Impact

Random Events are quick tasks that trigger at certain points while exploring Teyvat. These provide a quick dose of resources, including Companionship EXP, Mora, and Enhancement Ores. You can do 10 of these a day to farm Friendship levels with your favorite characters. In Inazuma, players can trigger a Random Event called Friend to Animals […]

How to unlock the Absolutely Unique Delicacy Daily Commission in Genshin Impact

Food is a recurring theme in Liyue’s story, so it’s only natural that its residents away from home crave the taste of Liyue cuisine. Absolutely Unique Delicacy is the second part of a food-filled Daily Commission series that starts with Tang Wen, a researcher from Liyue located at Inazuma City. To start this Commission, you […]