Valorant Patch 3.12- Full Summary

Riot Games have released the latest update to the game in patch 3.12. The main highlight of the update is the introduction of the agent-specific input binds, along with a few minor bug fixes. Now, you can allot and bind specific keybinds for special functions like gliding with Jett. So let’s take a deeper look at […]

When is Roblox Football Fusion coming back? | Dec. 2021

If you’ve been paying attention to Roblox news over the past few days, chances are you’ve seen the unfortunate announcement surrounding the popular Roblox experience, Football Fusion. On Friday, Dec. 3, 2021 the NFL filed a DMCA takedown that removed the experience from Roblox’s platform due to copyright issues involving likeness of names, logos, color […]

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be having a holiday-themed event

Square Enix plans to continue supporting its hit Final Fantasy VII Remake mobile spin-off, The First Soldier. The company announced that the Holidays are coming to Midgar, and a special event will be coming to the game to celebrate. The announcement doesn’t go into too many details of what the Holiday Event will contain. The […]