Fortnite Hide and Seek Codes (December 2021) – Best Maps to Play!

If you're having trouble getting into the outdoors right now, then it might be worth heading into Fortnite for some fun with friends! What better way to spend time with each other than to play a rousing game of hide and seek. There are a lot of great maps out there that allow for this kind of fun, so we're taking a look at the best hide and seek codes available!

Fortnite Hide and Seek Maps List

Here's our list of Fortnite's Best Hide and Seek Map Codes:

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Tiny Soldiers

This is a remake of one of the most popular Hide and Seek maps by the same creator titled Rats in the House. On this map, you act as tiny toy soldiers, hiding from the Seeker on a house scaled to massive proportions! In this spin on the Hide and Seek mechanic, players can choose their prop before they enter the map, then find the best spot to hide in the house!

Hide and Seek (Christmas Themed)

Christmas is the best season for Fortnite maps, and you can be sure to expect an abundance of red and green colored maps around this time. Of course, we wanted to present this years most interesting Hide and Seek map related to the Holidays. In this version, players can hide in one of multiple different areas. The Seeker must go in each area individually to look around inside!

Creepy Park

Even though it was released in October 2021, Creepy Park is already featured on Fortnite's list under the "Eerie" category. However, don't assume it's not worth playing outside of the Halloween season. This map keeps Hide & Seek simple, following the basic rules to let hiders take 30 seconds to hide, and it gives the seekers nine minutes to seek.

Lost Lodge

The official YouTube description for this map mentions Hide & Seek meets Infection, which means being found as a Hider doesn't mean that's the end of the match for you. You will then become a Seeker and must help your new team find the remaining players. This map might have a creepy feel, but it's still a fun map to play outside of the Halloween season.

Soulrest Mansion: Hide and Seek

Soulrest Mansion seems to perfectly balance between creepy vs playful and fantasy vs horror. This map is made for up to 16 players to test their hiding ability in a funhouse with things like magic mirrors and plenty of objects meant to make startle you while you are hiding from the seekers. Soulrest Mansion was released during the spooky season last year, but don't let that turn you away! This map is a great one to play during any Halloween season!

Hide and Seek: Spooky Island

Hide and Seek: Spooky Island seems to give off a mixed vibe of abandoned carnival and graveyard, and we honestly can't think of a more terrifying combination. On this map, it's hard to tell whether you're more scared of the hunters finding you or the creepy atmosphere. Regardless, this is the perfect map for hiders and seekers to play if they're looking to dive in to the season!

Snipers vs Runners - Docks

For this map, we're offering a new perspective at the Hide 'n Seek genre for Fortnite maps. Most of us have heard of Snipers vs Runners maps. This one works a bit differently than most in that the runners have a chance to hide from the Snipers while they try to gun them down. Seeking while standing still might not make a lot of sense, but this map makes it work!

Infection - Zone Rush!

This is a brand new map that has been quickly climbing the ranks of popularity for Hide 'n Seek maps. In its description, it calls itself the world's first moving Hide 'n Seek map. As far as we've seen, this is definitely the case. The video below features the map actually being played, so you can get a good look at how the map actually runs. The map is based on Sweaty Sands in Fortnite Chapter 2, mixing something familiar with something new and exciting!

Blissful Bunny Prop Hunt

In this Easter-themed Prop Hunt map, you get to revisit your childhood and go hunting for eggs! And ducks. And barrels. Well, props. Regardless of whether you are hiding or seeking, this map makes it obvious that Prop Hunt maps are perfect for Easter. Now you get to see what it's like to live like the Easter Bunny!

Jurassic Hide 'n Seek

In Jurassic Hide 'n Seek, players must Camoflauge themselves in nature like our scaly predators friends did millions of years ago. Or, if the dinosaurs look a little too real for you, you can hide in any of the rain-forest themed shacks on the map and hope you're not found there. This map is the perfect way to hide for both Huner and Hunted!

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