Genshin Impact Hangout Event: Gorou Guide

PSA: Gorou hugs his tail in his sleep.

On the one hand, Gorou is Watatsumi Island's ever-so-dependable general, who fearlessly leads troops in battle. On the other hand, his physical characteristics say nothing about his position in the army. With pointy ears, a fluffy tail, and a gullible personality, Gorou is easily taken advantage of, especially by a cunning Yae Miko—a predicament that you'll help him power through in his Hangout Event.

Gorou's Hangout Event is open to players Adventure Rank 30 and above who have completed Sangonomiya Kokomi's Story Quest, Warriors' Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing, in exchange for two Story Keys.

Ending 1: Tactical Retreat

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At the start of the Hangout Event, you encounter Yae Miko teasing Gorou. Despite being a powerful general, the latter is intimidated by the Guuji. Help Gorou by selecting the dialogue Why don't I help you overcome this weakness? and follow up with We can start with some theoretical study...

You both head to Watatsumi Island to speak with people in search of a solution to Gorou's predicament. After finding motivation in peoples' words, he musters the courage to face Yae in the Grand Narukami Shrine. There, you're offered a chance to draw a fortune.

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The fortunes are as follows:

  • Center-left Fortune Slip—Good Fortune
  • Leftmost Fortune Slip—Great Fortune
  • Rightmost Fortune Slip—Misfortune
  • Center-right Fortune Slip—Great Misfortune

All fortunes will lead to the same Ending. But going back to the dialogue route Praying for Fortune to choose all instances will grant you the Achievement Changing Times. After, the Hangout will continue, and despite Gorou's attempts, Yae Miko completely overpowers him with her cunning, ending the Hangout in a retreat.

Ending 2: Desserts Are the Best!

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Click on the Quest Menu, select the Hangout Event section, head to Gorou's Event, and start from the dialogue route Countermeasure Conference. This will prevent you from redoing the Hangout from the beginning.

This time, select the options Why don't I help you overcome this weakness? and I can act as a personality you find difficult to deal with...

You help Gorou overcome his gullible personality by pretending to be a merchant in Ritou. Play the role correctly by choosing the options Oh, it's you. You came all this way to see me? and If you want to bargain, you'll have to do as I say.

Gorou proves to be horrible at bargaining, so you two head to the Byakko Plains, where you roleplay as the Fatui. A real group of Fatui will eventually appear—defeat them with Gorou on your team. Head back to Inazuma City, and after a failed attempt at impersonating Yae, you two decide to indulge in some cake instead.

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Ending 3: That's, Uh...

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To unlock this Ending, start from the dialogue route Countermeasure Conference and select the option It's okay, let's just ignore her. After that, continue with Actually, Yae Miko's not all bad...

Gorou reveals that he's responsible for responding to readers' problems in the advice column of a magazine called That's Life, published by the Yae Publishing House. You head to a quiet spot for Gorou to write up the responses, and respond with I'll go keep watch at Yae Publishing House.

Upon heading there, you encounter a gathering of the Ms. Hina Fan Club, who readers believe is the writer for the That's Life advice column. They try to coerce you into joining their Club. Throughout the rest of the Event, you do your best to prevent Gorou from finding out that he has unknowingly fallen victim to another one of Yae Miko's schemes. Completing this Event will unlock the Achievement To Tell or Not to Tell, That Is the Question.

Ending 4: The Smiling Send-Off

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Start with the dialogue route The Secret Behind the Letters. This time, choose the option I'll stay and keep you company. You help Gorou go through the readers' letters and figure out appropriate responses. He's a bit stumped at the romance dilemma that he received, so help him by choosing It sounds like she's falling in love.

You go through more letters together and encounter one from one of Gorou's troops. Now that the war is over, he wants to return to Narukami Island but is conflicted. You leave the answering to Gorou.

After submitting the responses to the Yae Publishing House, head to Watatsumi Island with Gorou to speak to some soldiers, finding out that the new work arrangements have caused close friends to drift apart. You'll eventually be led to Hiroaki, the soldier who sent the letter. After speaking with him, Gorou allows him to leave the troops and sends him off with a smile.

Ending 5: Final Remembrance

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Start from the dialogue route Countermeasure Conference and choose to respond with Let's steer clear of Yae Publishing House for now, then. Gorou tells you about a box he buried by the Komore Teahouse and how he came to Narukami Island to retrieve it—only to find out that it has been stolen.

Pay a visit to Katheryne at the Adventurer's Guild to inquire about the missing box. She tells you that the box has been caught up in a Treasure Hoarder incident, which is under investigation. After, head to the Komore Teahouse where Taroumarou briefs Gorou on what went on. Respond with You understand Taroumaru?

Follow the quest marker to the beach south of the Tenshukaku and defeat the Treasure Hoarders. Turn them in to the Adventurer's Guild and retrieve Gorou's box before heading back to Watatsumi Island. He reveals the content of the box: personal items that belong to his fallen troops.

Complete this Hangout to unlock the Achievement General of Watatsumi.

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